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The right vibe helps determine your tribe
Karen Wrancher

As I began to prepare for my transition from the military, I thought to myself, where am I gonna go where, just like the army, if I’m willing to learn – if I’m willing to apply myself, there are those opportunities, and I can chart my own path.

They usually say “The right vibe helps determine your tribe.” There are people on the Wells Fargo human resources team where they’re like, “Hey, Karen does a, b, and c.” They call it a, b, and c in the army, but guess what? In Wells Fargo it’s xyz. It’s almost like the stars align where I was offered a job doing exactly what I’ve been doing for the army.

Working for Wells Fargo each day is a new adventure that I get to make the most of it. It’s my choice to get involved, make a difference, just like I did with the army