Hiring America’s veteran talent community: A partnership with recruiting platform Yello

The job search process can certainly be a tedious one. Repetitively listing your skills, experience and qualifications on countless job applications (and tailoring your responses to each one) can feel like a never-ending feat. Imagine if you could fill out one form and be immediately considered for thousands of jobs. Now you can! Hiring America has partnered with Yello, a state-of-the-art recruiting platform, to create a veteran talent community: a place where you can input your information—just once—for hundreds of employers to access. Fill out the form here.

Hiring America caught up with Steve Tiufekchiev, VP of Strategic Business Development at Yello, to learn more about this new initiative and its innovative capabilities.

Hiring America: Walk us through the Hiring America talent community concept. How would you describe it to someone who’s never heard of it before?

Steve Tiufekchiev: Hiring America’s talent community helps veterans share their information with recruiters from hundreds of the world’s most well-known companies — and ultimately get hired. The process starts by taking a few minutes to complete a Hiring America talent profile. Once the profile is submitted, recruiters with open employment opportunities can then search these profiles and filter to find candidates with relevant experience and interests. When a match occurs, recruiters can then reach out with additional details.

HA: Why should candidates input their information into this form specifically? What advantages does this process have over traditional job hunting?

ST: Rather than job hunting on your own and applying to each role one by one, the Hiring America talent community connects you to hundreds of recruiters — all through one form. The candidate profile form has been designed to take just a few minutes and is specifically tailored to highlight military-related experiences. Plus, the recruiters who will have access to the talent community are specifically looking to hire veterans — meaning you’re more likely to stand out and have your resume seen by a real person. The primary advantage of this approach is knowing your information is always visible to hundreds of recruiters who have a real interest in your veteran experience.

HA: What kind of companies are partnered with Yello that currently have access to the talent database? What types of companies are you hoping to partner with in the future?

ST: Approximately 100 of the Fortune 500, including some of the world’s largest brands, rely on Yello to power their recruitment programs. Most of these companies have veteran and military hiring initiatives which we are excited to help support through our partnership with Hiring America. The companies cover every major sector including construction, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, technology, and the federal government.

HA: Let’s say a candidate just submitted their information via the Hiring America talent community form. What happens next? Where does it all go?

ST: Once a candidate’s profile is submitted, it becomes available to any employer that has subscribed and been granted access to the Hiring America talent community via Yello. However, all employers must agree to a number of policies — including privacy — to ensure each candidate’s data is utilized solely for and within their recruiting function.

HA: Do you have any tips for veterans looking to utilize the Hiring America talent platform? What unique skills or experiences should strong candidates highlight?

ST: Focus on being thorough and answering every question completely. Next, be sure to upload a great resume that highlights your skills and your accomplishments. This is often the first thing a recruiter will look at when evaluating a candidate, so it should speak to your strengths and the unique skills you could bring to a role.

Tip #1: Rather than create a resume from scratch, search for resume samples similar to the role you are seeking to give you insight into the keywords and phrases your fellow candidates use.

Tip #2: Utilize the STAR method when constructing your resume. STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Activity, Result. When describing your work experience, be sure to follow this formula Remember, employers are looking for individuals who demonstrate results in all they do.

Not sure where to start? There are numerous resume writing resources online. When in doubt, search for best practices or templates on Google. It’s important to take the time to prepare and put your best foot forward.

HA: What is the Yello team most excited about in regard to its new partnership with Hiring America?

ST: Yello is most excited about the opportunity to increase access to meaningful career opportunities for the men, women, and their spouses who have given so much in service to our country.

To join the Hiring America talent community and give hundreds of reputable companies access to your info via Yello, fill out this form.