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The transition from active duty to the civilian world can be difficult, but one thing people don’t realize is how lonely it can get. It’s hard to build close relationships that can compare to the brotherhood and sisterhood you just left. Here are a few ways to get that sense of camaraderie back post-service: 

1: Join an Amateur Sports League 

Everyone knows you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy a sport. Amateur sports teams can be very fun and working with a team builds great camaraderie with people in your community. There are even teams specifically for disabled veterans like Philidelphia’s Flyers Warriors. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or kickball, this is a fun way to stay active while building strong relationships. Also, a little competition never hurt anybody. 


2: Go Back to School 

You’ve earned your G.I. Bill, what better way to use it than to go back to school. You can make new friends, join a club, or study something you’ve always been interested in. Check out this segment presented by National University for more resources if you’re interested in going back to school. 

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3: Create or Join a Support Group 

Whether it’s for mental health or just transitioning back to civilian life, a support group creates a safe space for people like you to express their feelings. You can connect with people in your community, share your stories, and obtain resources to help you in your new chapter of life. Learn how to start a group here. 

4: Join a Motorcycle Club 

Motorcycle clubs are very popular among veterans with popular clubs like Warrior Brotherhood MC or U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club. What’s cooler than dressing in leather from head to toe and riding around town with a group of friends. This is also a great way to explore your community and visit places you’ve never been to.  

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5: Join a Local Veteran Organization 

Local veteran organizations can be an essential part of a community. Joining an organization can make you an advocate for veterans in need like injured or disabled veterans or elderly veterans. Programs like American Corporate Partners and Hope for the Warriors can connect you with great mentors or help you become one. Organizing food drives, fundraisers, and providing resources can help build relationships with community members who are less fortunate. 


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