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Best Jobs for Veterans to Civilian Careers  

Transitioning from military to civilian life brings unique challenges, especially regarding various job roles in the civilian market. Yet, the skills veterans acquire, includi

Soldiers to Sidelines: Transforming Veterans into Champions

Soldiers to Sidelines provides veterans, service members, military spouses, and Gold Star family members the training, resources and support needed to become sport coaches

Meet Vetlign, a skills translator to help match veterans with opportunities at Wells Fargo

For veterans transitioning from military careers to the civilian workforce, one of the biggest challenges can be simply translating their skillset into corporate terms.

How Wells Fargo’s veteran employment programs create pathways from military service to new careers

The Veteran Employment Transition (VET) internship and Boots to Banking programs support veterans every step of the way

Women Veterans Interactive — A Place for Female Veterans

Skirted Soldier: Supporting Female Veterans and Finding Community Through Tea

After retiring from the Air Force, Rhonda Smith built a business to stay connected and give back.

Hiring Our Heroes: Military Spouse Fellowship Program

For many of our nation’s heroes and their loved ones, finding employment can be a challenge.