Ben Cantwell

Ben Cantwell's work is dedicated to those who serve, and the life that follows afterward.

I am creating a body of artwork that connects the challenging reality of life to the inherent beauty of existence. Difficult times can often leave us in dark places.

Ben Cantwell

Ben Cantwell Art

Ben Cantwell is a USMC veteran, EMT and watercolor painter from Northern California. His original work reflects his experience as an infantry veteran. Featuring an array of styles, moods and themes, Cantwell’s work is available on custom shirts, playing cards, patches and more.

To unpack his difficult experience in the Marine Corps, Cantwell utilizes art as a lantern to explore the dark places in his memories. His art is abstract in nature which allows viewers to interpret their own messages from each piece. Cantwell hopes that his work allows others to explore and understand their intense emotions and overcome obstacles of the past.