D’Shawn Russel

Southern Elegance works to remind everyone of our shared history and cultural experiences. Like many others, time spent with family and the joys we find in the simple things are our touchstones. With this in mind, we lovingly craft each scent and city combination to elicit a fond memory.

I would not be where I am today without support from military organizations, military spouses and just the military in general.

D'Shawn Russel

Southern Elegance Candle Co.

Every Southern Elegance candle tells a story. Each one is purposefully named after a southern city, carefully hand poured, and infused with luscious fragrances such as Sage & Sweetgrass and Honeysuckle & Jasmine. During the holiday season, Southern Elegance features unique holiday fragrances that are guaranteed to put you in a festive mood.

Although the heart of Southern Elegance is steeped in southern traditions, the products are for anyone who wants their personal space to feel comforting and inviting. Customers come from all walks of life; with each purchase they make, they’re reminded to see the good in others and celebrate the things we all have in common – no matter where we’re from.