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Wells Fargo has long supported veterans and military personnel making the transition to civilian careers. But in June 2022, the company launched its first-ever talent pipeline that focuses on the spouses and domestic partners of active-duty military personnel. Through the Homefront Heroes Hiring (HHH) Program, Wells Fargo has committed to hire military spouses/domestic partners of actively serving military personnel for remote, in-person and hybrid roles.

Several factors drove the creation of the program. Chief among them is the challenge that military spouses and domestic partners tend to face in their careers. Many military spouses and domestic partners have gaps in their resumes as a result of frequent moves to support their partner’s military career. For others, relocations stymie upward trajectories and career continuity.

As a whole, 24%* of military spouses are unemployed (over six-times higher than the national unemployment rate). And of those that are employed, 55%** report that they are underemployed.

Yet, they are typically highly qualified for a myriad of jobs and career tracks. Military spouses tend to be well-educated—88%^ have post-high school education—and multiple diversity dimensions: 92%^^ are women with a larger proportion of ethnic and racial diversity than the civilian population. Plus, because they’ve lived and worked in a wide variety of locations and environments, they tend to have high levels of cultural awareness.

For Wells Fargo leaders, those statistics presented an opportunity to establish a new talent pipeline while further underscoring their commitment to the military-connected community.

“The unemployment rate for military spouses far exceeds the national average,” said Sean Passmore, head of Military Talent Strategic Sourcing and Enterprise Military and Veteran Initiatives. “This is largely a result of permanent change of station and the inability to have a portable career.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution to military spouse un- or underemployment,” he continued. “The scale and complexity of HHH demonstrate our understanding of the unique career challenges faced by military spouses, and our commitment to helping solve the problem.”

HHH presents career opportunities in human resources, consumer and small business banking, technology, wealth and investment management, and consumer lending. Each line of business is committed to hiring military spouses and domestic partners. The inaugural program launched in July, with the first new hires starting in September. New roles will open in February 2023.

Each step of HHH is designed to support military spouses in the process and set them up for success. Before the hiring events, Wells Fargo hosts calls with the recruiters, hiring managers and candidates on application preparation, logistics and interview expectations. Then, military spouses hired through HHH participate in a unique orientation and onboarding experience that supplements the typical onboarding and training for their individual roles. It’s a great opportunity to learn the company and quickly establish a strong support network with the other HHH hires and tap into the strong military-connected community within Wells Fargo.

To learn more, join the Wells Fargo Military Spouse Talent Community. In addition, job-seekers can search current openings at Wells Fargo here.

“As a military spouse, it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of such an impactful employment initiative that offers portability and growth opportunities. There are a lot of things to take care of when moving on military orders and if the military spouse’s employment, and dropping down to a single income family, doesn’t have to be one of them then that’s a huge benefit to the entire military family. The excitement around the HHH Program is genuinely felt throughout the company and something I’m incredibly proud and honored to support.” Lauren Ramos HHH Program Manager, Active-Duty Marine Corps Spouse.


Equal Opportunity Employer – All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.

Sources: · *Spouse Employment & Education 2017 Survey of Active Duty Spouses, Defense Manpower Data Center, 2017 · ** · ^ · ^^ WB-MilSpouse-factsheet.pdf (

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